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We have been doing an online exchange with an American school this year and have found out lots of things about the way they live. You can have a look at the different sections on the left of this page, but here is a general introduction to American lifestyle, based on the answers we got in our Skype exchanges during the school year 2010-11.
The students from St. Joseph’s Academy live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They like their town, but the distances are very large. They don’t live in flats, but in houses, and most of their friends also live there. Some of them would like to live in other places, for example Miami, because there are a lot of famous people there.
Their favourite pastimes are going to the shopping centre to buoy some apparel brands like Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger and doing sleepovers. Sometimes they drive to the mountains and spend the day together.
They define themselves as normal people, but it is true that in their high school the most popular ones are the cheerleaders, and the least popular are computer geeks.