Histoy of Lousiana:

The first European explorers to visit Louisiana came in 1528 when a Spanish expedition led by Panfilo de Narváez located the mouth of the Mississippi River. But, the real history of this place started in 1682, when René Robert Cavalier (monsier of La Salle) explored and seized the territory, calling it Lousiana due to the France's King Louis XIV.

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In 1682 the named of this land was “French Lousiana” is part of the New France like a administrative local place.

In 1711, Lousiana became an independent french colony. New Orleans, which was founded in 1718, was designated the capital. In 1763, France decided to divide the colony between Spain and United Kingdom. United States became independent in 1783 (remenber the American Revolution in 1776), then this new country formed the Union. Louisiana was accepted in the Union the 1813. In 1849, Baton Rouge became the new capital.

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When the 7´s war was endind, carlos III said to the King that he wanted lousiana like a compensation for the support provided by Spain in the war.
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Some Spanish-speaking immigrants arrived also from Canary Islanders, called Isleños. They immigrated to Louisiana between 1778 and 1783. The southwestern area around Lake Charles was also settled in the late 1700s.There is a museum called Isleños which remembers the Canarian immigration.

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There are many black people.American people the polite way to refer them are calling them African american.external image african-american-child-FC5146-80.jpg

There used so many words from spain like siesta.

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In Lousiana you can visit the spanish headquarter.